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Following the security protocols and the new emergency measures promulgated in a decree of the Rio de Janeiro city hall this Thursday (03/03/2021), our Signatures restaurant will only be open for lunch, from Monday to Saturday, exceptionally during the term measures with executive menu in two formats: starter + main course + dessert (R $ 110.00) or main course + dessert (R $ 90.00) or starter + main course (R $ 90.00). In addition to our traditional À Carte menu.

With great care and following the golden rules, the restaurant signatures is open to welcome you. We follow all hygiene recommendations, our team is prepared to receive you with great care and attention. We adopt security measures such as: Use of individual disposable paper; Frequent cleaning of our kitchens; Disinfection of the salon; Disinfection of cutlery and crockery. All thinking about the safety and well-being of everyone!


Opened in 1895, in France, as a Parisian culinary school, the Le Cordon Bleu brand has become the most respected international network of culinary arts and hospitality institutes, present in 20 countries worldwide. With 35 international schools attended by more than 20 thousand students annually, Le Cordon Bleu classes are taught by renowned chefs, with experience in Michelin-starred restaurants, with awards and important titles in their luggage. Chefs and head chefs transmit to students their knowledge of classic French cuisine and modern international culinary techniques, through theoretical content and practical classes.

Le Cordon Bleu, the largest and oldest gastronomy school in the world, opened in early 2020 the first restaurant-school in Latin America and the second restaurant unit in the world that bears the name Signatures, in Rio de Janeiro. The school restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday, only for dinner, with a new tasting menu, security protocols attended and a pleasant and comfortable outdoor space. Signatures is a space where the menu, in addition to having the signature of several school teachers, also includes the participation of students and alumni of the institution, since it is a premium restaurant-school.


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